Atılım University Support Programmes


2017-2018 Starting Research Support (BAD) Program applications have started in order to provide initiative support to our junior instructors for a research substructure and develop the research environment in our university in accordance with the strategic plan of Atilim University.  Application and project support processes will be administrated by Research, Development, Consultancy and Technology Transfer Office (ARGEDA-TTO) of Atilim University. For the first group, the projects to be submitted until 01 November 2017 will be evaluated for 2017-2018 academic year. The invitation will be valid as long as the program budget is available.


2017-2018 Academic Year Innovative Idea and Product Support Program (YFÜD) applications have started in order to support project ideas and products of academic staff, graduates and students of the University by providing capital support through the investor company Atilim İnovatif A.Ş. and counseling and mentorship services through ARGEDA-TTO, and develop the research and entrepreneurship environment at our University in accordance with the strategic plan of Atilim University.
The projects must be submitted until 01 November 2017 for 2017-2018 Academic Year.  The invitation will be valid throughout the academic year as long as the program budget is available.  Application and project support processes will be administrated by ARGEDA-TTO, Atilim University.



In line with the strategic plan and vision of being a research university, LAP was developed in 2010-2011 academic year with the aim of increasing the level of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, establishing a culture of research within the university, supporting team work in the research projects and raising students who are creative and inquisitive. LAP is a support program which is provided to all students and academic personnel of Atılım University who want to conduct research. There are two types of Undergraduate Research Project. The first one is the support provided for the team and an advisor academic personnel who work on an independent research subject (in some cases the advisor can be a graduate student). The second one is the support that is provided in order to carry out the research courses in one academic year (Course with Credit LAP Project). Furthermore, LAP projects which are supported by the industry are also encouraged.

Features of the Program are as the following:

• Students and academic personnel can apply for the program.

• Research project proposals are prepared by the academic personnel and the projects which are accepted are announced in the website for application.

• Project proposals which are prepared by the team of students can be presented with more then one academic personnel.

• Research is to be completed before the end of the academic year.

• Research team is composed of one (main) advisor or more than one (co) advisors.

• Main and co-advisors whose proposals are accepted are provided with a financial support of 1000 TL (maximum).

• Graduate students can take part in the projects as co-advisors.

• Each of the main advisors can be provided with 2000 TL additionally for the research expenditures. 

• Interdisciplinary cooperation is encouraged.

• Each student who is admitted to the programme takes 1.000 TL for a year.

• Students are expected to work at least 100 hours during the academic year for the research project.

• Students who completed the programme successfully are awarded with an undergraduate research certificate.

• The number of students in a team must be at least two times more than the number of advisors.

• Students are required to have CGPA of 2.50 and more and be in the second grade in order to apply for the program. Students at the preparatory school and in the first grade can involve in the research project voluntarily on condition that their application is accepted by their main advisor.

At the end of the LAP projects at least one of the activities below must be carried out:

• Preparation of a report

• Establishment of the spirit of research among the researchers

• Oral presentation of the project or deliverance of posters at the conferances within or outside the university

• Publication of articles