R&D at ATU

Atılım University was founded by the Atılım Foundation on July 15, 1997 to serve as a Foundation University in the capacity of a legal entity pursuant to provisions of Law no. 2547 concerning the Foundation of Higher Education Institutes. 

Vision: The vision of Atılım University is to be a university that aims to leave its mark on the future and to raise qualified and competent individuals who will contribute to original scientific and scholarly works. 

Mission: The mission of Atılım University is to raise highly capable individuals who will be able to produce and apply scientific knowledge by creating high performance areas at the national and global levels with social responsibility. 

The prominent points in terms of technology within the vision and mission definitions of Atılım University are as follows: 

“Original scientific and scholarly works”,

“Production of scientific knowledge”,

“Application of scientific knowledge”.

"Creating high performance areas"

“Originality” and “production of scientific knowledge” underline our academic values. These qualifications are indispensable for a high level and international effect. Besides these academic values, “application of scientific knowledge” defines the concept of technology. 

The “application of scientific knowledge” is of the utmost importance and indispensable. This point is sought not only in externally supported projects but also in projects carried out within the University and is a prerequisite. Our preference in technological areas is defined as high performance areas. This preference take us to advanced technology areas. These areas can either be existing and already used fields or even unknown fields. This point is highlighted as “creating high performance areas”.