Sharing Success at ARGEDA-TTO

ARGEDA-TTO (Researh, Development, Consultancy, and Technology Transfer Office) TTO Volunteer Team

The main objective of the “Sharing Success Programme” at Atilim University is to improve and unify the intellectual potantial of the successfull students in cooperation with academic and administrave units. This student assistantship programme is expected to increment the effectiveness of teaching and learning at the Atilim University.

In 2014-2015 spring term a new theme owned by The Sharing Success Program is launched by ARGEDA-TTO: “TTO Volunteer Team

ARGEDA-TTO being the executive organizational unit for R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship at Atilimm University, is establishing a student oriented team. ARGEDA-TTO is planning to create synergy with students, to improve the effectiveness of the education and to widen the technology transfer ecosystem at the University.

TTO Volunteer Team will be structured with the participation of at least 2 successfull students representing each academic program (department), who are also willing to work for R&D , innovation and entrepreneurship processes at TTO. As a student programme, team members are expected to work for ARGEDA-TTO weekly at least 2 hours ,and at least 40 hours in 2014-2015 spring term.

Modules: Technology Transfer operations are grouped into 5 individual modules:

Awareness and Publicty

Research &Development Projects and Supporting Funds

Business and Industry Collaborations, Multinational Projects ( EU H2020)

Inventions, Patents and Management of Intellectual Properties

Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Commercialization

TTO Volunteers;

Will get modul based peer mentoring from ARGEDA-TTO specialists

Will improve their TT awarenes, and business work experience

Will create value in their free time at the Univertsity

Will build communication path between academic departments and ARGEDA-TTO

Will retain their volunteer membership position as long as they create value

Will get benefit of TTO experience in their future career planning.

Application: Please follow these squential steps:

1) Introduce yourself and receive approval of Department Head (e-mail message to ARGEDA-TTO) 

2) Visit ARGEDA-TTO and finalize the application procedure.  (Selma Kandemir Engineering Faculty Building, Block: A3, Floor:1, Room: 1032)

Further Info: ARGEDA-TTO   phone: 312  586 8804, e-mail:

Prerequisites: Starting from freshman, undergraduates who have a CGPA at least 2.50 , gradutes studying master degree who have at least 3,00 can apply for the programme.. 

Responsibilities: Volunteers are expected to complete their assignments successfully (approx.  40 hours) by working for ARGEDA-TTO as defined in the team-schedule. TTO assignments of the students will be planned according to their individual course schedules.

Monitoring And Evaluation:  Each student will be monitored and evaluated against team-schedule and individual assignments. Team members completing the programme successfully are awarded with “Atılım University Success Sharing Certificate” . 

We wellcome and wish success to all students who interested and participated in “TTO Volunteers Team”..