Innovative Idea and Product Support Program




2017-2018 Academic Year Innovative Idea and Product Support Program (YFÜD) applications have started in order to support project ideas and products of academic staff, graduates and students of the University by providing capital support through the investor company Atılım İnovatif A.Ş. and counseling and mentorship services through ARGEDA-TTO, and develop the research and entrepreneurship environment at our University in accordance with the strategic plan of Atilim University.


The projects must be submitted until 01 November 2017 for 2017-2018 Academic Year. The invitation will be valid throughout the academic year as long as the program budget is available. Application and project support processes will be administrated by ARGEDA-TTO, Atilim University.


1)        Necessary qualifications for candidate entrepreneurs: The candidates must;

  1. Have the competence and capacity to carry out R&D and/or P&D works with regard to applicable business ideas,
  2. Be a student, graduate or academic member of Atilim University,
  3. Have a technological product or idea,
  4. Be unincorporated or have a start-up company,
  5. Present a project proposal (of minimum 12 months) of a business idea which have commercialization potential
  6. Have a business idea of which technological readiness level is minimum 3 (TRL) (Note: TRL 3 means that the concept is experimentally proved).


2)        The Services to be provided to the Entrepreneurs within the scope of YFUD Program

  1. Atilim University will provide necessary infrastructure services to the entrepreneurs during the project, when applicable.
  2. Normal project term is 12 months for the commercialization of the product.  This duration can be extended for maximum (12) months upon the request of the entrepreneur and the approval of Evaluation Board.
  3. University may provide maximum TL 200.000 of fund in a single term to selected entrepreneur(s).
  4. University may provide below given services to the entrepreneur(s) with certain conditions and approvals:
  • Workshop,
  • Counseling services in R&D works,
  • Documentation, incentive and project support programs and counseling services in intellectual property rights,
  • Entrepreneurship trainings for free,
  • Laboratories,
  • Mentorship services,
  • Meeting with investors.


3)        Application and Preliminary Evaluation Process

  1. Entrepreneurs shall fill out the application form and submit it to ARGEDA-TTO. The form is available in the following website: .
  2. The Application Form must include detailed information on below given subjects:
  • Business Idea,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Expected completion period of project
  • Project phases and completion periods (summarized business plan)
  • Inventive aspects of the Business Idea
  • Commercialization plan
  1. The project owners who pass the preliminary evaluation of ARGEDA-TTO are expected to make a presentation before one or more jury selected by ARGEDA-TTO.  After the presentations, evaluated applications will be ranked.
  2. A third party company will evaluate the product or companies of successful entrepreneurs in technological aspects in order to determine the value of the product or company. ARGEDA-TTO will cover technological evaluation expenses.
  3. Atılım İnovatif A.Ş. will establish an associated company with the entrepreneur determined to be successful after technological evaluation or become a partner to the existing company of the entrepreneur.  Investment amount of the partnership will not exceed 25% of the technological value of product or company.  The University will make an investment up to TL 200.000 for a product or company through the investor company Atılım İnovatif A.Ş.



The entrepreneurs who intend to submit a project proposal can receive assist from the Office of ARGEDA-TTO during the project preparation period. 

For Assistance and Submission of Project Offers:

Can Tiryaki

Tel: 0312 586 88 03 / E-mail: