Management of Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Rights

One of the activities of ARGEDA-TTO is to launch and coordinate intellectual and industrial property rights for the inventions made by the researchers of our university.



Within this scope, ARGEDA-TTO will guide you in below given fields:

  • Patent and utility model
  • Brand
  • Design
  • Protection periods
  • Scope of protection
  • Determination of protection
  • Ideal protection method
  • Application procedures
  • Application fees
  • Post-application procedures
  • Protection of rights
  • Prevention of infringement
  • Commercialization and income generation



Some of the services of ARGEDA-TTO on industrial property rights:

  • Preliminary evaluation of your invention/design/brand
  • Determination of ideal protection method
  • Coordination of application process
  • Preparation of application file
  • Application procedures
  • Follow-up and coordination of post-application procedures
  • Finalization of registration
  • Commercialization efforts



Advantages of benefiting from the services of ARGEDA-TTO:

  • ARGEDA-TTO carries out all administrative processes with regard to intellectual and industrial property rights
  • Follows necessary correspondences and approvals at the university
  • Prepares the application;
  • The University covers all expenses on the condition that necessary conditions are met
  • ARGEDA makes the application
  • Increases the possibility of approval
  • Enhances the protection scope and efficiency of your application
  • Follows post-application procedures
  • Follows the correspondences with Turkish Patent Institute
  • Minimizes the time to be spent for the protection of your invention/idea/design/brand.
  • Carries out commercialization procedures



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In order to take the step:

You may contact with the supervisor of the module, Burak BAYKAL

  • Tel: 312 586 88 05
  • E-mail: 
  • Address: Faculty of Engineering A Block, 1st Floor, Room No 1036
  • In order to submit your inventions: CLICK HERE (This form must be filled in Turkish)