Entrepreneurship and Incorporation

Entrepreneurship and Incorporation

One of the fields of ARGEDA-TTO is to inform, inspirit and guide the academicians and students of our university about incorporation.


Implementing Company in 1512 BİGG Programme. www.bigg-atilim.com

Some of the services of ARGEDA-TTO on entrepreneurship and incorporation:

  • Development of your entrepreneurship idea
  • Evaluation of your business idea
  • Information about entrepreneurship programs supporting business ideas
  • Information about the processes of TUBITAK’s BIGG (1512-TGSD) program.
  • Information about KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Support Program
  • Information about KOSGEB R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program
  • Preliminary evaluation of business ideas before support applications
  • Preliminary evaluation and control of business plan during support applications
  • Business plan preparation support
  • Financial analysis support



Advantages of benefiting from the services of ARGEDA-TTO:

  • Your business idea is enriched,
  • Your business model becomes applicable,
  • Your business plan becomes more realistic,
  • The risks in your business plan are analyzed and necessary measures are taken,
  • You are informed and guided about capital supports for your business idea.
  • You do not cover extra costs and take firmer steps while your business idea and plan is strengthened by means of pre-incubation service.



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If you have an entrepreneurship goal;

  • Tel:      312 586 88 03
  • E-mail:  can.tiryaki@atilim.edu.tr
  • Address: Faculty of Engineering A Block, 1st Floor, Room No 1034