About Us

Atılım University Research, Development, Application and Consultancy Projects and Technology Transfer Office (ARGEDA-TTO) was established in 2005 in order to increase the research potential of the University, and to provide assistance for research projects. ARGEDA has the responsibilities of implementation and monitoring of development, follow-up and control mechanisms regarding inter-institutional, national and international research, development, performance, and consultancy projects as well as takes the responsibility of providing cooperation and coordination not only within the University but also outside the University. Atılım University strongly supports research and development (R&D) studies to be able to contribute to the technological developments in Turkey while making every effort in providing qualified training. Within this framework, the main objective of ARGEDA-TTO is to ensure the implementation of all R&D supports in a productive and efficient way.

Main objectives of ARGEDA-TTO are as follows:

To prepare an appropriate environment for the development and promotion of research, development, performance, training and consultancy projects,
To increase the contribution of Atılım University to scientific and technological development,
To provide synergy among various projects at Atılım University,
To increase productivity by enhancing coordination among various projects at Atılım University,
To make best use of R&D funds which appear to increase within the EU process of Turkey.

ARGEDA-TTO is a qualified Technology Transfer Office with its establishment purposes, 8-year experience and vast knowledge.

In this context, ARGEDA-TTO offers the following services in accordance with the TTO definition of TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey):

• Raising awareness, promotion and training services
• Services aimed at benefiting from the support programmes
• Project Development/Management Services (Services aimed at enhancing the cooperation between the university and industry sector)
• Management of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Licensing Services
• Incorporation and Entrepreneurship Services

ARGEDA-TTO, which is an autonomous technology transfer office independent from academic structure is administered by ARGEDA-TTO Coordinator. Administrative decisions about ARGEDA-TTO are made by the Board of Directors of ARGEDA-TTO whereas strategic decisions are made by the University Research Board.

The ARGEDA-TTO Board of Directors is the executive board of ARGEDA-TTO. The Board of Directors executes the strategic decisions and prepares, analyses, carries out, monitors and coordinates the projects planned in accordance with the strategic decisions of the University Research Board.

As the highest decision making body of the ARGEDA TTO Coordinatorship, the University Research Board encourages all kinds of researches and multidisciplinary studies carried out in accordance with the strategic plan of Atılım University, helps academic members and students of the university carry out more and more studies, supports cultural events and scientific and artistic projects, increases the efficiency of the University at both the national and international levels, facilitates the coordination of the related faculty, department, academic unit, institute and centres in accordance with the directives and ensures the cooperation at the university level. The Board is made up of a member chosen by the Board of Trustees, Provost, the Deans of the Faculties, the Directors of the Institutes and the ARGEDA-TTO Coordinator.