Our Portfolio for Horizon 2020 Partnership

Atila Bostan
Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Secure and trusted data communication networks design.
  • PKCS-11 & PKCS-15 implementation on smart cards.
  • Data encryption and digital signatures, digital certificates and PKI implementations, SSL-web services and security.
Research Areas
  • Data and computer security,
  • Computer/data networks and security,
  • Digital signatures,
  • Digital certificates,
  • Public Key Infrastructure,
  • Image processing,
  • AI techniques in optimistaion problems. 
E-Mail atila.bostan@atilim.edu.tr  
WEB http://www.atilim.edu.tr/~abostan 


Bilgin Kaftanoğlu
Professor of Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM),
  • Plasticity and Metal Forming,
  • Sheet Metal Forming, Boron Nitride Coatings,
  • Surface Engineering, Friction and Tribology.
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.


Research Areas
  • Design and Analysis of Mechanical Systems.
  • Experimental and Theoretical investigations of Metal Forming Processes,
  • Sheet Metal Forming and Deep-Drawing Process Analysis,
  • Boron Nitride Coating Process and Characterizations,
  • Tribological and Mechanical Characterizations of Surfaces,
  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition system development.
E-Mail bilgin.kaftanoglu@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://msmm.atilim.edu.tr/personel/akademik
CV http://msmm.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/98?lang=en


Cenk Aygül
Assistant Professor of International Relations
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Political economy,
  • Comparative politics,
  • International relations theory,
  • Spatial politics
Research Areas
  • Financial crises,
  • Democratization in Turkey,
  • Arab Spring,
  • Turkish foreign policy,
  • Late Ottoman geopolitics. 
E-Mail cenk.aygul@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://www.int.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/531?lang=en


Elif Kalaycı
PhD. Public Finance
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Entrepreneurship training,
  • Innovation,
  • R&D management,
  • Technology management 
Research Areas
  • R&D activities of high-tech startups,
  • Survival strategies of high-tech startups
E-Mail elif.kalayci@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://www.management.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/359?lang=en


Gökşen Aras
Assistant Professor of English Language and Literature
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • English Literature,
  • Victorian Novel,
  • Feminist Theory,
  • Romantic Poetry,
  • Women Studies,
  • Gender and Literature. 
Research Areas
  • 18th C. English Novel,
  • Victorian Novel,
  • Gender and Literature,
  • Travel Writing,
  • Romantic and Victorian Poetry,
  • Psychoanalytical Theory,
  • Cultural Studies,
  • Women Studies,
  • Cultural History of Britain,
  • English Literature,
  • Realism &Naturalism in Fiction,
  • Feminist Theory,
  • Literary Terms and Movements,
  • Literary Theory &Criticism,
  • War Poetry. 
E-Mail goksen.aras@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://enlit.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/436?lang=en


Hasan U. Akay
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Development of computational algorithms for solution of multiphysics problems, including parallel and grid computing algorithms for large-scale problems with broad range of applications in fluid dynamics, solid dynamics and heat and mass transfer using finite element and finite volume methods. 
Research Areas
  • Computational Mechanics, 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics, 
  • Computational Solid Dynamics,
  • Solid-Fluid Interactions,
  • Multidisciplinary Optimization, 
  • Structural Shape and Topology Optimizations, 
  • Optimality Criteria Method,
  • Genetic Algorithms, 
  • Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods. 
E-Mail hasan.akay@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://www.atilim.edu.tr/~hasan.akay/en/
CV http://atilim.edu.tr/~hakay//docs/H.U.Akay_CV.pdf


Hayriye Özen
Associate Professor of Sociology
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Political Sociology,
  • Social and Political Movements,
  • Political Discourse Theory,
  • Informal Politics. 
Research Areas
  • Environmental Movements (anti-mining and anti-HEPP movements in Turkey),
  • Urban Movements,
  • Kurdish movement,
  • Informal politics in Turkey.
E-Mail hayriye.ozen@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://pol.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/367?lang=en


İbrahim Baran Uslu
Assistant Professor of  Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Text-to-speech synthesis
  • Speech and natural language processing
  • System Engineering
Research Areas
  • Speech synthesis
  • Speech recognition
  • System design for handicapped and paralytic people
  • Natural language processing
  • Smart systems
  • Man machine interaction
E-Mail baran.uslu@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://eee.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/285?lang=tr


N. Berrin Aksoy
Professor of  English, Translation Studies
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Translation and Interpretation BA,MA, PhD Programs  Curriculum Design and Development,
  • Translation/Interpretation training methods and tools development, 
  • Public and private sector’s translation traineeship schemes development, 
  • Domain-specific lexicon preparation,
  • Translation services for ınternational organizations, legal translation, diplomacy translation and ınterpreting.
Research Areas
  • Translation & Interpretation training  methods, tools and curriculum design,
  • Lexicon preparation, 
  • Community ınterpreting,
  • Language services for the disadvantaged,
  • Translation theory, 
  • Multi-disciplinarity in translation studies, 
  • Interdisciplinary translation studies,
  • Cultural studies, 
  • Discourse studies.
E-Mail berrin.aksoy@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://mtb.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/160?lang=en


Uğur Baç
Instructor, Ph.D. at Industrial Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey
  • Modeling and optimization of large-scale real-life problems,
  • Performance evaluation of supply chain and ERP systems.
Research Areas
  • Mathematical Modeling,
  • Linear Programming,
  • Fuzzy AHP, ANP,
  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Performance Evaluation,
  • Scheduling,
  • ERP,
  • BPR.
E-Mail ugur.bac@atilim.edu.tr
WEB http://ie.atilim.edu.tr/personel/personInfo/id/138?lang=en


Yılser Devrim
Associate Professor of Energy System  Engineering
Atılım University, Ankara Turkey


  • Development of Fuel Cell Components, Hydrogen Energy, Testing of PEM Fuel Cell Stacks, Polymer Membranes, Modelling and Simulation of PEM Fuel Cells.

Research Areas

  • Fuel Cell
  • Hydrogen Energy
  • Renewable Energy
  • Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell  
  • Polymer Membrane Preparation
  • PEM Fuel Cell Stack Development
  • Stack Components
  • Modelling And Simulation of Renewable Energy Systems