With the protocol signed between Mustafa Kaplan, the Chairman of R.O.T the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB) and Prof. Abdurrahim Ozgenoglu, the President of Atilim University, KOSGEB-ATILIM Technology Development Center (KOSGEB-ATILIM TEKMER) was founded as of 23 May 2013.

The aim of TEKMER is to offer a productive working environment for our students, academic staff and entrepreneurs to work in technology. TEKMER aims to meet scientific research and industrial organizations, support innovative entrepreneurship and contribute regional development by cooperating with KOSGEB as a concrete step of university-industry collaboration.

Service building of KOSGEB-ATILIM TEKMER operating under the Directorate of KOSGEB Ankara Siteler Service Center was launched with KOSGEB administrative offices and workshops. All workshops were given to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur companies started R&D activities and these activities still continue. 

In order to get more information about these companies and their fields of activity, please click this link.

The electricity, water, communication and security expenses of the companies under KOSGEB-ATILIM TEKMER are covered by Atilim University. With these investments made for innovation and entrepreneurship, ATILIM-TEKMER expects to launch the projects which benefit from the academic competences of our university and create solutions for the technological problems of industry.

In order to get further information about  R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program which you can benefit from under KOSGEB-ATILIM TEKMER, please click this LINK.