Patent Portfolio

One of the activities of ARGEDA-TTO is to launch and coordinate intellectual property rights for the inventions made by the researchers of our university. The titles of the inventions made within the scope of this purpose are listed below. Please click the title of inventions for further information.

1.     Titania paste production method

2.     Cover fed with solar power system

3.     A test apparatus

4.     Method of positioning emission sources by using reflections

5.     Electroactive monomers containing polyhedral oligomeric “silseskuokzan”

6.     A new method and system to enhance deep drawing limit rate of steel materials

7.     Contactless and wireless positioning, monitoring and control system

8.     Remote-control automatically shaking smart doll bed

9.     Production of zirconia dental ceramic material

10.  Adjustable burner head

11.  Antibacterial PCL/chitosan wound dressing

12.  Rose harvest robot

13.  Tissue scaffold with enhanced biocompatibility and mechanical features, and production method

14.  One-way information flow system via air void

15.  Innovation in electromagnetic sheet metal forming system

16.  DNA directed mono and heterodinuclear complexes

17.  Plasterboard damping sound at low frequency in a controlled way

18.  Multi-band transreceiver module design at ISM band

19.  Smart magnetic shaking system

20.  Variable geometry burner head

21.  Matching thermal and digital footages with real coordinates

22.  Search device for printed documents

23.  Slide burner head

24. Handedness measurement method based on left hand and right hand skills

25. Development of hybride membranes for high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells

26. Increasing accuracy of emission sources position

27. New generation primary explosive

28. Green primary explosive